Jul 24, 2023Liked by Priscilla Stuckey

Keep going where you need to go!!

So inspiring and beautiful!

I really am looking forward to your new book.

I just finished Rick Rubin’s book called “the Creative Act” which I highly recommend for any artist.

You embody his passion and principles.

Many many thanks!

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Aug 18, 2023Liked by Priscilla Stuckey

This is beautiful, Priscilla. I’m trying to find a more specific and intelligent response that that, and I can’t because so many things are swirling inside me after reading this. You articulated so much of what I’m living and trying to live and also shared about your own life so vulnerably and beautifully. Thank you for this gift! I’ll be reading this one again.

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So glad it speaks, Lisa! Thanks for reading, and let us know what comes of the swirls.

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It’s late in the evening and I felt the need to listen to a gentle voice tell a story. I decided to come find a piece of your writing and press play. Lying down in bed, with a pillow fluffed on my cheek while my phone speaker tucked under toward my ear: I heard you say my name! 😂 I shot straight up in bed, looked at the date on this piece and went, “ahhh... we’d just barely gotten across the state lines.”

Friend... I’m so sorry I missed this. Thank you for letting me know that my writing helped nudge some things open. I really am inspired by your journey in book writing because it makes me feel like, after helping so many others tell their stories, that perhaps there’s a path that would work for me in my own way. 🧡

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