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Priscilla I loved this, and connected with it in many ways. I discovered I was autistic myself a year or so ago and have started to explore how autistic and other neurodivergent people perceive places/ecosystems, and what wider society can learn from that.

My friend Peter Reason sent me the link to this pdcast episode and suggested that I lsten and I'm very glad that I did.

Here's a couple of short posts of my own on related subjects:



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Hi, James, so glad to hear it was helpful! Thanks for the links, and I will check them out. It's a trip, isn't it, to make this discovery after decades of living? I'm reminded of the wise woman who said it's good to revise your thinking every five years or so—it shows you're still alive! But, like you, for me this was a monumental discovery because it made sense of pieces of my experience that just never had a place to fit. I did a second episode on being autistic—maybe you found it already. If you didn't, it's here: https://priscillastuckey.substack.com/p/38-with-autism-it-all-made-sense#details Best wishes in your journey!

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